Meydan Developments is privately owned and has operated successfully for over 15 years. We are a diverse developer with experience in residential, retail, commercial, office and mixed use developments.

Meydan Developments was born out of the Meydan Group.

Starting operation in Australia in 1982 as a textile business, the Meydan Group purchased several sites to support its operations that, over time, have become strategic redevelopment opportunities.

Wanting to maintain an interest in the places and spaces in which we have operated, overtime we have cultivated the expertise to develop these sites. Building on these expertise, Meydan Developments continues to expand its property portfolio to create residential and commercial developments in appealing locations.

The Meydan Development team guide every aspect of the property development process to ensure delivery of quality projects in Melbourne Australia and abroad.

Our strength is in identifying latent opportunities in assets and realising that opportunity through good planning combined with on the ground delivery with the right team partners.

Meydan Developments provides property development services to its multinational parent company the Meydan Group. This strong affiliation gives access to a wealth of expertise in finance, architectural, planning and construction services.

In acknowledging the importance of the property development arm to the group, a boutique architectural company called Wireframe Architecture and a construction company called Rockland Constructions have been established.

Across these entities, combined with our key partners, Meydan Developments is able to provide a complete end to end service from market development, planning, design, construction and sales.

At Meydan Developments we partner with a range of third party specialists to ensure we have specialist expertise on each project. From architects, to banks, builders, engineers, planners, surveyors, real estate agents, and valuation services , we work closely with each of these providers and others at each relevant stage of the development cycle.

Meydan Developments has worked with many of these providers for many years, however we always want to hear from new, innovative, creative and competitive players no matter how large or small.

As a purchaser, if you are looking to own your first property, invest in an off the plan development or a commercial asset, rest assured that Meydan Developments has the capability to deliver a quality project that would appeal to the most discerning purchaser.